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Privacy Notice


Information Automatically Collected and Stored

When you browse through our website, we use Google’s Universal Analytics (UA) software to gather and temporarily store a variety of information about your visit. However, this information cannot be used to identify you as an individual. The basic information we collect during your visit includes:

The name of the domain you use to access the Internet (for example,, if you are using a Verizon online account, or, if you are connecting from Stanford University's domain);

The date and time of your visit to our website;

The pages and documents you viewed on our website;

The URL of the website you visited prior to ours;

We retain the information only for as long as necessary to respond to your question or request, in most cases no longer than three months.  It may be subject to disclosure in certain cases (for example, if required by a Freedom of Information Act request, court order, or Congressional access request, or if authorized by a Privacy Act System of Records Notice). It is subject to the Privacy Act if maintained in a Privacy Act system.


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