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Mastech MS5902 Automatic Circuit Breaker Finder Socket Tester W/ Analogue Receiver & Flashlight
  • Model: H13061US
  • Price:  $28.42
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Automatically and quickly finds correct breaker or fuse.
Quickly and easily identify conditions of circuit socket.
Transmitter Works on 110VAC
Operating temperature: 0 ~ 50℃
Circuit Breaker Finder Socket Tester
Automatically adjust the sensitivity
Visual and auditory instructions
Flashlight function
Low battery indication

Operation: Locating a Circuit Breaker or Fuse
1. Keep the pillar at left on the MS5902-T
2. Plug the MS5902-T into the receptacle.if there is a candescent light fixture,please install a socket adapter before make sure the switch is OFF.then plug the MS5902-T into the socket adapter,turn the switch on at one time.(Socket adapter need purchase additional)
3. Go to the circuit breaker panel box.
4. Turn the MS5902-R on,the red LED is light.
5. Place the chapiter of the MS5902-R directly onto the circuit breaker or fuse.
6. Slide the chapiter of the MS5902-R down each breaker along both sides of the panel .Then the MS5902-R will beep frequently as it denote the relative signal strength.
7. Move the MS5902-R down each breaker once more. On the third pass, the MS5902-R will beep ,the red LED will quench and the green LED will light only at the circuit Breaker powering the MS5902-T.
8. Push the breaker off and check that the LED on the MS5902-T in the outlet is off to confirm you have found the correct breaker or buse.
Test Socket: Keep the pillar at right on the MS5902-T.
Please contradistinguish nameplate on the MS5902-T.

General Specifications:
Power Supply: 1 * 9V battery/6F22(not included)
Package Size: 26.5 * 16 * 6.5cm / 10.5 * 6.3 * 2.5in
Package Weight: 264g/9.3oz

Package List:
1 * Mastech MS5902 Automatic Circuit Breaker Finder Socket Tester


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